What is Elon Musk upto? Probably World Domination!

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We usually don’t do profile pieces, but this is special! I sincerely apologize in advance, if this looks like a deluge of information or a fan boy’s love letter to Elon Musk, I’m sorry, because this is probably just that (Google Sapiosexuality). If you are a science geek and a technology nerd like me you’ll probably already know who I am talking about. He is not your ordinary pop star or reality television celebrity, he is not the president or the dictator; He is just intelligent and that is his superpower because every time this guy is on the news, he has done something that is mind blowing-ly awesome or going to do something like that. When certain news agencies told us that he was the inspiration for Tony Stark in the Iron Man movies, they might not have been wrong but more on that later.

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Clean up Your Online Presence – Look good for your potential stalker.

At some point in your life, somebody(other than yourself) will Google you. That is an established fact. Most of us spend the major portion of our day online and it is bound to leave a trace. Those pictures of you, the one time you got drunk, can ruin your college application. What if your boss accidentally stumbles on that tweet you sent when you were seriously frustrated at work? Some strongly worded political opinions might scare off potential networking interests. And you wanna look cool when somebody takes the trouble to Google you.

These are  some tools that come in handy when you wanna look nice and dandy,



You would definitely want to know if a tweet is going to get you fired and this tool will tell you exactly that. FireMe! is a tool from Ricardo Kawase and his team at the University of Hanover in Germany. FireMe! uses an algorithm to find tweets that have the potential to get you into trouble and sends you a warning. If they find such a tweet, they send you a message saying,

Can you imagine if your boss gets to know that you said: ‘I hate my job so much’. You said that on Twitter and the whole world can see it!

You can also go to the site and check their FireMeter! score – your chance of getting fired as a percentage. I scored 3%, so I’m guessing I’m good.

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Top 5 Places to Get Your Daily Dose of Science

If you are a Science enthusiast(Read: Geek) like me then you’ll probably have a Nerd-gasm after reading this. We all know that the Internet is a treasure trove of all things good, bad and sometimes very weird but science is the one subject that gives you all three and makes you a tiny bit more knowledgeable that you were previously. If you are the sort of person who watched Discovery channel and NatGeo when you were a kid and still do, here is a map to all things science in every single format possible.

1. Facebook

Let us start with the biggest social media platform available on the internet. Facebook is not just for sharing  cat pictures and your intentionally ambiguous words of wisdom, sometimes you can learn something while you are stalking somebody. There are hundreds of Facebook pages that are dedicated toward science but some of them stand out because of the content and for the quirky  humor.

IFLSWhen Elise Andrew, a biology student from the University of Sheffield in England created a Facebook page out of boredom and humorously named it “I fucking love science“, she would have never imagined the heights the page would reach. In the one year that the page has existed, it has garnered a whopping 4.2 million fans. 


RDF-TV-iTunes-logo-125What is life without a little controversy, if you are looking to pick a fight or spew some righteous anger, “Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science” page is just for you. Initiative by the famous Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawking and like-minded individuals, this page gives you the latest in the skirmishes by and against science. Religion, Politics, you name it… they are fighting against it in the name of science.


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Lean Startup Machine – Let your ideas run wild!


Every single thing that ever changed the world was once an inkling of an idea in the back of someone’s head. Facebook, Twitter and Google were once ideas that came out of dorm rooms and garages. Companies like SpaceX which has privatised space, Planetary Resources which is planning on mining asteroids and Tesla with their gorgeous electric cars were once similar to the crazy ideas that you have. But Ideas themselves do not change the world; you have to breathe life into them.

“A man may die, Nations may rise and fall, but an Idea lives on” – John F Kennedy

An Idea which is not put to good use is nothing but a useless fleeting thought and sooner or later somebody else will come up with it. So, take a stand, make your idea work, and bring it to life. With the advent of internet and social networking, things that only Governments were capable of, is now under grasping distance of a few highly motivated individuals.

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3D Printing – The Future is Here

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If you have not heard of 3D printing yet, I am sorry, you’ve been missing out on a great deal of awesomeness. 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing otherwise known as the father of ‘The Replicator’ (The last one is a Star Trek reference, don’t sweat if you didn’t get it) is probably the next big thing that is probably going to revolutionize the way you look at the world.  Now, it is time I quit stalling and start telling you what it is all about.

3D Fashion

3D Fashion

Usually manufacturing is done by a process of subtraction, simply put, make something bigger or larger than what is required then subtract the unnecessary things and voila! There is a masterpiece.

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The Gift of the Senses – Bionic Hand and Eye

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Are we nearing the realization of trans-humanism?

Are we nearing the realization of trans-humanism?

Science gives us amazing things, this is one of those times you think you won’t live to see this happen and BAM! It is right here, right now! When you saw Darth Vader cut off Luke Skywalker’s hand and then he got a new prosthetic hand that could literally do everything that an ordinary hand could do, how long did you think that it would take for science to come up with that?

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Asteroid DA14 and Possibly Earth’s protectors

I’m starting to write for a site called durofy.com. This is my very first article, keeping my fingers crossed.

Asteroid Impact

Asteroid Impact
Image Source – http://sciengineearth.blogspot.in

On Feb 15 2013 the earth is going to get a close shave from an asteroid. Don’t freak out, not yet. It is not going to hit us; it is going to pass very close to earth. The asteroid’s name is ‘2012 DA14’, it is roughly about 50 meters or 160 feet across. It is going to miss us by 27,700 kilometers which is almost twice the earth’s diameter. It is the closest that an asteroid has ever gotten to earth (without hitting us of course) in recorded history; It is pretty close, closer than some of our geosynchronous satellites. It is so close that you can even see it with just a simple binoculars or a telescope. The Earth’s gravity is massive enough to change the trajectory of this asteroid and professional astronomers are going to be all over this making tonnes of observations. If you want to know more about the asteroid and possibly get to see it, watch this episode of SciShow.

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