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Me and Myself

21 year old guy| India.

I read. I also write when my brain itches.

“Officially” a IT Engineer, Science Geek, Self educated in Public Administration and Psychology, Knowledgeable in ballistics, Book fanatic and also a self realized philosopher. Okay, the last part was probably bullshit. oh, oh, oh, and a professional bullshiter. That one is definitely true.

By the way, if you were wondering what it says below the blog title, “Numquam cum ludentibus saltu rana unicórnis” means ‘Never play leap frog with a unicorn’ in Latin.

If you don’t understand what I mean by that, just imagine.. You are jumping over a Unicorn and gods forbid if you slip!




epiThat’s all Folks!!….

* All opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone and does not reflect the stand of any organisations that I work for.


7 thoughts on “Me and Myself

    • Haven’t you already received the virtual hugs I sent you?
      I’m guessing the ‘Hug-Fairy’ will deliver all the backlogs together, get ready for a deluge of luve! 😉

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