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Project Insomnia

228041210_825a36b0e9_zIt has been 68 hours since I woke up. It’s all a little fuzzy now, that non-stop silence in my head; no active thought process. Everything seems to be passive, I can no longer concentrate on anything for more than a couple of minutes, I phase out. So, you might have to put in a little more effort to understand what I am saying. Driving is a little difficult, lucky enough for me, everybody else seem to be driving properly. There is also this throbbing feeling that is radiating from the centre of my brain when I close my eyes. Open my eyes and the world vibrates for a moment before coming to a halt. My eyes hurt a little bit.

The couch seems very comfy.

People seem to be having a really hard time maintaining a coherent conversation with me but I wouldn’t blame them. Brushing my teeth seemed really unnecessary but I bet my breath smells minty fresh, thanks to the gum I’ve been incessantly chewing. No amount of sugar or coffee seems to have any effect for more than half an hour. I burnt the bread, it doesn’t taste so good.

May be I should move to the bed for a while.

Google just crushes your dreams. I thought may be I could break the world record for the longest period a human being has intentionally gone without sleep. The current record holder stayed awake for 264 hours! That is a whopping eleven days! I’ve not even made it to day 3 yet! And he made it without any stimulants! Kiss good bye to the world record. It seems like sleep deprivation is an interrogation technique. I hope nobody asks me for my passwords.

I never noticed, this pillow is so soft.

Google also amuses me sometimes. It sent me to this sleep deprivation study that was supposedly done by Russian researchers in the late 1940s. They locked up 5 political prisoners in a room, pumped in stimulant gas and told them they would be free if they stayed awake for 30 days. Gradually their condition started to deteriorate, they started complaining after 5 days, started screaming incessantly after 9 days and the final result, they turned into cannibalistic psychopaths. When they tried to remove them from the chamber, they ripped out some throats and there was definitely a lot of blood and gore involved. What an encouraging story for a guy who has not slept in 3 days?!

My feet are a little cold, may be I should get under the covers.

Oddly enough dark and depressing things seems to amuse me; I am a little scared for myself now. Too much light in the room; need darkness! I can’t reach the switch form here! If only I had telekinetic powers, may be I do. Its been a while, the light switch isn’t budging. My eyes hurt a bit more because of the strenuous staring, they also seem to be growing heavy. I’ve been staring at the cursor for five minutes now, I phased out. I feel myself giving up. May be we are not built for this.

This throbbing feeling when I close my eye, it is starting to grow on me.

My other super powers seem to be acting up now. My super sensitive hearing is always a pain, I wonder how superman manages to sleep. Everything is so damn loud! All I am asking for is a little peace and quiet while I close my eyes and calculate what is 12 x 8. God! I am an engineer! Why are the numbers dancing around?!

Wait, what is that? Chewbacca riding a unicorn?! Dude, wait for me! Now, where is my Hoverboard?
Good night.


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