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Top 5 Places to Get Your Daily Dose of Science

If you are a Science enthusiast(Read: Geek) like me then you’ll probably have a Nerd-gasm after reading this. We all know that the Internet is a treasure trove of all things good, bad and sometimes very weird but science is the one subject that gives you all three and makes you a tiny bit more knowledgeable that you were previously. If you are the sort of person who watched Discovery channel and NatGeo when you were a kid and still do, here is a map to all things science in every single format possible.

1. Facebook

Let us start with the biggest social media platform available on the internet. Facebook is not just for sharing  cat pictures and your intentionally ambiguous words of wisdom, sometimes you can learn something while you are stalking somebody. There are hundreds of Facebook pages that are dedicated toward science but some of them stand out because of the content and for the quirky  humor.

IFLSWhen Elise Andrew, a biology student from the University of Sheffield in England created a Facebook page out of boredom and humorously named it “I fucking love science“, she would have never imagined the heights the page would reach. In the one year that the page has existed, it has garnered a whopping 4.2 million fans. 


RDF-TV-iTunes-logo-125What is life without a little controversy, if you are looking to pick a fight or spew some righteous anger, “Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science” page is just for you. Initiative by the famous Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawking and like-minded individuals, this page gives you the latest in the skirmishes by and against science. Religion, Politics, you name it… they are fighting against it in the name of science.


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