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What if we are a runaway experiment?

If you can do anything, what would be the hardest thing to do?

I will give you any super power you want, what would be the toughest thing to do?

I will grant you omnipotence, what would be the most difficult thing to do?

Transcendent by Yogendra Sethi

Transcendent by Yogendra Sethi

Nothing – Try doing nothing! Can you do absolutely nothing irrespective of all your might? Can you desist yourself from doing something in spite of your new found power? I’m not talking about staying away from the public eye or maintaining a secret identity. Can you see people in misery, know that you can help them and just walk away? Can you resist that curiosity to try something just once? Can you overcome the greed to take anything and everything you want? If you can save lives with just a gaze, can you look the other way?

You should neither help nor harm.

You can bend time and space but you should not. You can hear the cries of every single being in misery but you should not flinch. You can bring people back from the beyond but you should not answer the prayer of an orphaned child. You can make everybody in the world happy and hopeful but you have to choose to let them despair. You can indulge every single one of your fantasies but can you refrain from doing exactly that? Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

I reckon that this would be the hardest thing to do, to not do anything.

If there is a God, whoever he maybe, it may very well be a she,  is doing something very difficult; nothing. He sets the stage, makes the rules and leaves us alone. He lets things play out naturally. He lets us make our own decisions and live with its consequences. When you have the power to change reality, it is not easy being a witness. Perhaps it takes a God to stand back and watch the clowns fight. What if he has no intention of interfering in our matter and never has?

Einstein said “God does not play dice with the world”, maybe he does not even want to play; maybe he just wants to watch.

Now read the title.

Inspired by a conversation with a friend.


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