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Asteroid DA14 and Possibly Earth’s protectors

I’m starting to write for a site called durofy.com. This is my very first article, keeping my fingers crossed.

Asteroid Impact

Asteroid Impact
Image Source – http://sciengineearth.blogspot.in

On Feb 15 2013 the earth is going to get a close shave from an asteroid. Don’t freak out, not yet. It is not going to hit us; it is going to pass very close to earth. The asteroid’s name is ‘2012 DA14’, it is roughly about 50 meters or 160 feet across. It is going to miss us by 27,700 kilometers which is almost twice the earth’s diameter. It is the closest that an asteroid has ever gotten to earth (without hitting us of course) in recorded history; It is pretty close, closer than some of our geosynchronous satellites. It is so close that you can even see it with just a simple binoculars or a telescope. The Earth’s gravity is massive enough to change the trajectory of this asteroid and professional astronomers are going to be all over this making tonnes of observations. If you want to know more about the asteroid and possibly get to see it, watch this episode of SciShow.

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