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What is Democracy NOT – Disillusioning Indian democracy

Our dreams cannot fit in their ballot boxes

Our dreams cannot fit in their ballot boxes

If I have to put all that I am going to say in one simple sentence, it is that democracy is not all that you think it is. In principle, democracy is the rule of the people and that is true but only partly. If we literally let general consensus and collective conscience rule then it will not be the rule of law, it will be anarchy.

If we let emotions rule over us and go to war on a whim and give our nuke launch codes to the media, that is not an effective and wise democracy. Although it is a grave crime to tarnish the modesty of women, if we let lynch mobs to castrate and kill the accused, that is not democracy. If we name and shame every allegedly corrupt person in the country without investigating further, that is not democracy. Democracy is doing the right thing even If you face the ire of the people.

Democracy is your mom not giving you candy because she is afraid that it will ruin your teeth in the long run. Democracy is the one who protects the minority from the bullies although you cry foul that it is not fair treatment and equality. Democracy is your dad giving you an ass whooping if you riot on the streets. Democracy increases the fuel prices and lets you taste the reality even if it pinches your pockets.

Democracy exports food grains to foreign markets and even lets it rot in storage although it’s own people are dying of hunger. In a country where not the government nor the people but the constitution is supreme, democracy tells you that the law which you want to pass is unconstitutional and cannot be done even if thousands of people peacefully protest for it. Democracy is that thing which refuses to repel draconian laws that literally kill people even if they go on hunger strike for months and years together.

Democracy is a really bad parent, most of the time like a typical parent, it doesn’t even listen to what we say, it does what it thinks is the best for us. Sometimes they listen to big corporations and forget the little guy. In times like these it is up to us to give democracy ‘a talking to’.

Sometimes democracy lets a dictator take over! But it rises from it is ashes and makes sure that it doesn’t happen another time. Democracy looks out for me in the long run. In spite of me being ungrateful, it builds schools and universities so that I can get an education, it builds hospitals if I get sick, it gives me public transportation for me to loiter around and much more.

In all fairness, democracy is not rosy and comfy all the time, sometimes it can be a little prick. It is not a perfect system, in fact no system is, and like us, it evolves every day. Democracy is that awkward teenager who is going through eternal puberty. But the fact that democracy lets me say what I want (as long as it is not intent on hurting sentiments of people), protects my right and is willing to change, it gives me hope, and hope is a good thing.


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