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What if…

Anthropic principle is something that has provoked and prodded my brain for quite some while now and I am sure that it will continue to do so in the future too. May be the universe is not how we think it is, I don’t mean it in a banal we-still-don’t-know-much about the universe way but in a basic fundamental way. The concept of time, energy and entropy are things or abstract concepts that we have devised in order to understand the weird things around us. For example the concept of time, once thought to be infallible is now known to be relative.

Now consider this, concept of relativity tells us that as we move faster and faster, time slows down for us. The first time you learn this, it just blows your mind! This is not just a theory but a proven fact, the global positioning satellites are intentionally set at a faster rate so as to counter for the time dilation that they experience due to the fact that they are moving at the speed of thousands of kilometers per second. If that correction is not made you could have an error of up to 11kms while using your GPS. Thanks to our friend Mr. Einstein! Now let us push this knowledge a little further, to be precise, faster and faster. Time slows down further and further. If you are aware of the ‘The Twin paradox’, you will understand this better. Now let us push it further, consider a object or a particle that is moving at the speed of light, time slows down do an extent that you can essentially say that time stops for them or they do not experience time at all. Photons, even though they travel millions of light years, for them the instant they originate from a source is the same instant that they are absorbed by another body, hypothetically, if you ask a photon ‘what is time?’ they would have no idea of what you are talking about! For them time does not exist!

Mobius Strip

This has no connection with what I am talking about, I just think Mobius strips are cool!

All these concepts, starting with colors  shapes, sound, mass, energy, the electromagnetic spectrum, time, entropy etc., are just abstract concepts that we perceive or can put a number on, tools that we devise so that we can warp our heads around what is happening around us. The known universe exists the way it does is because we see it this way, the way we possibly can. And still with all these things we can only explain only 4% of the known universe! What about the rest 96%, we have enigmatically termed them as ‘Dark matter’ and ‘Dark energy’.

Now I am going to take a leap of Imagination. Consider a sentient being in that 96% swimming at the speed of light, with no concept of time at all and not even making a splash in the electromagnetic spectrum. For us they would be “dead” the instant they were “born” AND they would also be immortal at the same time, if time does not exist for you, you are literally immortal. Again, these are terms that come from our understanding of things around us and may be they hold no meaning in defining these creatures. We will never know if they exist at all, at least with the limited technology that we now possess. It is times like this that makes you look forward to the future. What would it be like to establish contact with these beings? I cannot even comprehend how it is even possible with my limited cranial capacity! It is times like this being an immortal really pays off. Then again, you wouldn’t want to be the dumb un-evolved caveman in the midst of much more evolved descendants.

Living beyond the grasps of time, how fascinating would that be?


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