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Don’t argue

One of the great things that evolution gave mankind, apart from opposing thumbs and higher cranial capacity, is the ability to communicate their knowledge to other human beings. This has lead to the greatest feats that man has ever accomplished. Sharing ideas is one of the noblest ways of spending time with your fellow intellectual. But if you spend enough time with people “discussing”, at some point you realize that its not a discussion but an argument. If two intelligent and open minded people take the opposite sides of an argument, one of the two things will happen. Either the one who possess the true knowledge convinces the other, if the argument is an objective one or they agree to disagree with each other , if the argument is subjective. These are the kind of people you should have a discussion or an argument. There are some other kinds of people with whom you shouldn’t even start any kind of an argument.

First in this category is The Idiot, you know who am I talking about. These people are simply ignorant, they cannot even comprehend the nuances of your argument, ha! they will not even know what you are talking about. They will ignore whatever you say and deny your point of view just because “they are right”! Arguing with such people is like trying to nail something to the wall with your head, you will not be able to do it and you will most definitely bleed.As the saying goes, Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level then beat you with experience. The sheer scale of their foolishness will crush you.

Next are The Believers. These are the people whom you cannot win against. Some of your old people fall in this category, who have lived all their life with a set of beliefs, they have devoted so  much of their time and energy under such beliefs. Now, when some one comes up with something that contradicts their system of beliefs, however justified and true it may be, they just can’t accept it because, so far they have believed so. A fallacy in their logic but still you can’t blame them.

“Aaah, whatever you say(even though the logic is absolutely and impeccably sound), I have a Gut feeling that it is not how you say it is.” – Sounds familiar?

These are the people when pushed to their wits limits, will bring God for their defense! Just when you thought you’ve pushed them to a tight spot with your infallible logic and they are  going to fold, they bring in the cavalry, artillery and the air force together! There is just no talking after God! Argument over. Full stop. Pardon me, I am not against the concept of god( nor am I for it.) but when you bring in god when someone is trying to have an argument about metaphysics, that’s just the greatest buzz kill! Are they willing to argue about the existence of a higher power, NOOOO! They turn into the previous category when you breach that membrane! This just tells us that these two categories are not as watertight as we thought they were.

The next are The Anarchists. I don’t know if the name fits but that’s how I see them. For any argument to happen there should be two or more people with challenging beliefs, but there are some people who just want to see the world burn. They will not even have a set of beliefs to begin with, they just want to see you do “your thing”, so they’ll humor you. They’ll throw around contradictory statements just to keep you going. They will not even break a sweat. You cannot win against such types because they are not even playing and sometimes they will make you talk so much that at some point of time, you will defeat yourself. I doubt if you have ever met one but if you have be wary of them. Alone they are not much of a trouble but put them somewhere where two people are already having an argument, they will catalyze the reaction until it explodes, giving slight nudges here and there, they will not stop until the argument becomes a fight. Chaos. Like I said, they love to watch the world burn, watch out for such types.

I believe Joker was an Anarchist.

The last and the most excruciatingly irritating are The Authority. These are the people who are drunk with power, those who think you are insignificant. These are your typical bosses and parents(some, I guess). You might think that you can reason with them or even plead them into seeing your point of view, but the truth is that they have already decided the outcome of the discussion even before it started. They just want to get it over with the “discussion” part. Sometimes, organisations or even governments can play this role. The sad thing is they’ll always act as if they are listening and you can never figure out when they are just  f*cking with you.

Next time when you are about to start an argument or join one, watch out for these types and stay away from them, its such a waste of time.


One thought on “Don’t argue

  1. hahaha!! i think you mentioned one type the other day.
    i really enjoyed this read. very different from what you usually write.

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