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Why books?

Well, this is not one of those articles that give you scientific “facts” about how reading benefits your bowel movements, nor am I going to say that it psychologically affects your mental prowess and gives you awesome powers of telekenesis. I was one of those people  who really hated reading books. Whenever my friends yapped  for hours about how super awesome the book that they just read was, instead of spending days devouring page after page, day and night like they did, I would just wait for the movie to come so that it will all be over in a matter of hours. I considered myself efficient and enlightened. But I noticed one peculiar thing that happened with all these readers, they would never be satisfied with the movie that was made from the book that they read and I allways wondered why?

So I decided to tread into the unknown abyss of ‘books’!

And right through the rabbit hole I fell; Rode the blue dragon; Swallowed the snich; Found the Alchemist; Spotted the Rose line; Pulled snow sleds; Played with anti-matter; Spoke with Mr.Ghandhi and ‘che’ Guevara.

Have you ever thought may be, Instead of  Timothy Olyphant, Jason statham would’ve been a better agent-47 ? Or may be Robin hood should’ve been a little less muscular? Or Voldemort  should’ve had a more callous voice? Or the details like this sword should’ve been a katana and not a bulky claymore, he should’ve worn blue shirt and not red, not just Mr.Bond but all the heroes should’ve had cooler cars? Well, I’ve thought of all this and now this was all suddenly possible. It was like a movie made just for me and me only. I didnt see what the director wanted me to see but i saw what I wanted to see, with the people whom I thouht were perfect to play the roles, spoke and did things how I wanted them to do, with the best possible special effects and with uncomparable detail which was beyond any animator and HD, and if I am not satisfied with it, i could revert back, change what I wanted to change and play it again. This was all happening inside my head! Each book gets an oscar for everything, from acting to art direction.

In addition to this you get some extra perks too, Your reading speed becomes insanely good. In the process, You can actually understand some hi-fi words spoken by eminent people. Now when your friend yaps about that new awesome book he read, you can join him and yap about how super duper awesome the book was. You can stop lying in your resume that your hobby is reading. And the best of all, your mom stops scolding you for sitting infront of the computer for so long and instead she thinks that you are doing something productive<Ha! Ha! Ha!>

And there are the side effects too, your mom keeps scolding you not to bring the book to the dining table and yes, Now you will also feel that they really screwd up that movie!

But if you think that you are too old for Dragons, Elves and Spells, believe me, you are not and you never will be!


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