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I hate you guys

All this time, that is just until a couple of years ago, I was a absolutely happy. I lived in my own world, perfecly content. Now I feel sad and bored ALL-THE-TIME and I dont even know when did all this hapen.

My anger is not irrational, i have reasons for my current state of mind

Now if I am hungry, No one is gonna make noodles and soup for me!

I cannot go to “sumesh” and drink free chai, Now I have to pay for it!

Nobody is forcing me to go to the seashore. Eventhough I hated it when you guys stare at the horizon and act all intense while i wait, I would’ve liked to have an option!

All my note books look so damn neat like I am in the 4th grade! There isn’t anybody do draw stuff on it!

And dont even get me started on the lack of entertainment!

For god sake! I MISS being IN-CLASS! Screw all of you!!!

And to top it all, half of the jackasses left for “Inf-ass-is” even before the first internals ended!

For the first time in my life I have realised that ‘Miss u 2’ is not just something you say but you DO miss people!! Missing sucks! I dont like it!

Most of you cried your eyes out, let it all out and moved on! What the hell am i suppose to do? I am biologically incapable of crying!! >-(

But i guess this was inevitable, eh? This had to happen some day or the other… 😦

There were a lot of ‘first times’ for me here and trust me when i say, ‘a lot’… THERE were a lot! It wouldn’t be enough if I just say, ‘thank you all for that’!

Yeah, Its a little hard to part, thats why i’m picking a fight!

And did i mention, ‘I HATE U ALL'<for making me miss u all!>


5 thoughts on “I hate you guys

  1. AAWWWWWW!!!!!..i THINK someone’s started growing a pulmonary artery..
    loved the seashore and notebook bit.
    hate you too!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. “All my note books look so damn neat like I am in the 4th grade! There isn’t anybody do draw stuff on it!”
    Thats for Sherri… The plin plung gal…hehe

    This s tooo goood BEEEEE YEs…… N yea … HATE YOU TOOOOOO….

    • look who’s talking. i’m happy u’ve started growing the thingy sharanya mentioned. welcome to human race

      f*ck u too ❤ ❤ ❤

      nice post btw. thanks for the noodles part 🙂

  3. miss u too my dear muttal… 😦

    n really happy to hear tht u started becmng a HUMAN……

    nice post… misssin al dose late nyt kitchn works, Sumesh trebucheys, sea shore visits n al….

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