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So, India Won the World Cup…

Yes! After 28 years, India won the cricket world cup!
It put a smile on 1.2 billion faces at the same time! History Made!
Every Indian is as ecstatic about it as I am!
But let’s look at this from another point of view, shall we? We did deserve the victory but Sri Lanka actually ‘needed’ the victory more than we did. Sri Lanka is a country which has just come out of a 30-year-long civil war and the nation has been torn apart with racial discrimination between the ethnic Tamils and the Sinhalese. A victory in the international arena at this point would’ve brought the nation together, a win with an effective nation wide propaganda from the government with a nationalist perspective would’ve done wonders to nation. if we put ‘one crore rupee to every player on the team’ on one side of the scale against ‘a possible state of peace to a nation’ on the other side, which would weigh down?
Hmm… Sometimes, I guess winning isn’t everything…


3 thoughts on “So, India Won the World Cup…

  1. i agree that if Sri lanka had won they would have got a good position in the international arena… but tel me how that could lead to a peace situation in lanka?

    U mean to say that rivals for 3 decades would feel as one if they had won the world cup??
    Then lemme me ask u y didn that happen wen in 96 lanka won the world cup???

    • The last time they won the world cup, they were still at war. Now that the LTTE(Which by the way, was the “rival”) has been defeated, the country(i’m talking about the people here) is trying to pull itself together and this could’ve been a good opportunity.

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