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Tale of the two Brilliant Idiots

This small tale starts with me and my dear friend sarath going to the practical session of the “Red Hat Certified Engineer” course that we have registered and paid for. Usually we don’t go to these classes, but this time it is during the vacation and we are jobless anyway, so we decided to go. The sir was more than happy because we are the first batch that he is handling and he wants at least a few of us to finish the course.

Anyway, let me come to the actual story, one fine day we go there and we try to implement a FTP server and a NFS. We started doing it in my laptop and everything was going fine. We installed and configured both vsFTPd and NFS and it was working fine in my Ubuntu, but sarath told me there is no point in doing it in Ubuntu we should be able to do it in RedHat too.

So we decide to do it in one of the lab systems, we chose the nearest one(we did not know that we had chosen the wrong one!!) and tried implementing NFS and the service was up and running so now we moved on to FTP now. The vsFTPd package was not installed in the machine, so we try installing it using ‘yum’, but its not working. It was telling us that the repository was missing!!. We checked the repository list and the local repository’s ‘.repo’ file was missing. We googled it and wrote the ‘repo’ file.We thought we had resolved the issue(Ha Ha Ha!!)

We tried again and it was telling us that the local repository was also missing!!. We loged into the server cheked if the files were really missing, but there they were sitting in the server. Now i asked sarath to mount the NFS share that we had configure earlier, he tried it and to our surprize the system replied “Sorry (dumbass), cannot mount specified location”, by now you might have figured out the problem but we didn’t.

This time we were really confused, we thought that there was some configuration error and we started going through the configuration files. We rewrote the configuration files and restarted the services again, but still the problem persisted. Just this had taken half a day!!. We were completely clueless and we had lost all interest in doing anything.

Just then i had a spark(Finally!!) and i tried pinging our client from the server, guess what was the reply i got??

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Request timed out.

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 3, Recieved = 0, Loss = 3 (100% Loss)

And just now I understood why our glorious efforts did not work……….


Still sarath didn’t know this yet, so I asked him to take a peek behind the CPU. He asked me why?, I just insisted that he should look…. He took a peek….Took his notebook, walked straight out of the lab……

I typed “poweroff” in the terminal, took my laptop and traced his path out of the lab.



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